Sale and licensing of patented products and technologies based on market communication


The objective is to find buyers or licensees and prepare a contract that is profitable for both sides.

TDCLAB attaches great importance to combining the researchers' and owners' interests with the potential licensees' interests.  
In the evaluation process, TDCLAB conducts company investigations to determine companies that are potentially interested in the patented products and ideas and identify the relevant contact persons. From the first contact up to the conclusion of a contract, all stages are prepared and accompanied. Information is exchanged up to the smallest detail, products are tested, possibly arising implementation barriers, such as safety aspects, constraints for transfer to production etc. are overcome pursuing the most varied approaches and activities. 

Potentially interested companies are accompanied in the decision-making process to take over the innovation.  Contract variants are discussed and developed. All this is to lead to the conclusion of a contract and the successful takeover for economic evaluation and sales generation through one or various companies in parallel.

Our services:

  • Examinations about chances/risks of the transfer from the laboratory to the production scale.
  • Investigations, bid requests and evaluation of external services for production optimization
  • Price analysis, checking of enforceable price/performance ratios. Definition of target brands (derived from this, research of alternative production possibilities, saving potentials, technology improvements)
  • Development of marketing strategies and documents
  • Definition of target markets and potential customers: Making contact, conversations, presentations, information exchange, organization of sample tests or technology inspections
  • PR activities in technical magazines, congresses and platforms
  • Research/identification of suitable testimonials/supporters
  • Leading interested parties to contract negotiations, support of these negotiations up to conclusion
  • Organization and support of the know-how transfer

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