Issues to be Clarified for Telemarketing Projects


What would you like to achieve in the project?
Which project category would you like to implement?
  • New product introduction
  • Support of all sales activities
  • Follow-up of proposals
  • Promotion of your special sales or marketing campaign
  • Arrangement of appointments for your sales representatives
  • Generating and requesting general product interest
  • Image campaign
  • New customer acquisition
  • Preparation and follow-up of trade fairs
  • Updating and qualification of your own data
  • Customer surveys, general market surveys
  • Satisfaction analysis according to DIN ISO 9000:2000


What are the contents to be conveyed/determined?

Information to the market? Information from the market?


Whom would you like to address?

Which target groups? Which decision-makers?


Which data would you like to use?

Do you have your own data? Is there a need to qualify these data? Are telephone numbers available? Do you hold the personified data of decision-makers in the purchasing department and laboratory? Are these addresses up to date? Would you like to purchase additional addresses from the market with our help?


Which type of communication would you like to combine with the telemarketing activity?
  • Email (section in EMCLAB Newsletter, own company NL prepared by EMCLAB, own NL, prepared by you)
  • Letter (own information distribution (mailing) by ordinary mail in advance, information distribution by ordinary mail in advance as part of the campaign)
  • Series of advertisements (accompanying series of advertisements, campaigns and image advertising)
  • Phone (multi-stage campaign (e.g. follow-up calls on certain date to all interesting addresses), long-term sales and marketing support of the customer/interested company by TDCLAB)
  • Trade fair (invitation, appointment arrangement for presentation)
  • Own sales activity (e.g. immediate handover to sales after appointment arrangement)

What is the intended starting date for the telephone campaign?

In which period or up to which date is the completion of the campaign intended?


Is this a one-time campaign or would you like to ensure your market presence with the help of our services in the long term?


How would you like to receive the results and data?

Management report, graphic result analysis, meeting minutes, dates?


Individual data sets with additional information from the campaign: Storage of the data by TDCLAB as individual database until the next campaign is performed, future updating of the database by TDCLAB as basic database for your company including own sales and marketing activities, handover in a simply structured and easy-to-use database that can be used by you after a short introduction for your own future activities, handover as Excel-file or Txt-file for integration into the existing CRM system


What is the budget for the above activity for which period?

Please use the questionnaire for planning your own campaign. Use the PDF document for download..


Please contact us, we will agree the details with you and prepare the concept for our joint success!