Team TDCLAB - 100 years of laboratory experience and excellent communcation skills


TDC LAB TeamTDCLAB Dr. Siebertz GmbH comprises a team of laboratory assistants and chemical technical assistants who have a sound knowledge and experience as a basis for a qualified, successful and pleasant market communication in the chemical, pharmaceutical, life science, laboratory and other industries.

All team members contribute a longstanding practical laboratory experience as their basic competence which they accomplished in various laboratories, companies and groups within the chemical, pharmaceutical and other industries.

We can draw on comprehensive specialist knowledge in the fields of organic and inorganic chemistry, biochemistry, pharmacology, toxicology or clinical chemistry and more.

The existing practical experience as users of the most varied scientific methods such as HPLC, GC, photometric and fluorescence-photometric analytics etc. are contributed as basic competences to communication. Furthermore, knowledge in handling complex laboratory devices, working according to GLP etc. is likewise available.

In addition, our team members are predestined for this special type of market contacts, since they have an open and communicative manner and enjoy dealing with people. The highest level of communication skills is a prerequisite for the work on the phone and these skills are further optimized in the course of our daily routine so that the decision-makers and scientists contacted by us repeatedly testify to this special type of communication that stands out against the normal pattern of telephone contacts: sound specialist knowledge, information and user orientation as well as a pleasant manner, successfully capturing people’s attention and raising interest. 
Benefit from this favourable combination of know-how for your success!


Katharina Garcia   Petra Helzel   Petra Beck   Andrea Knecht
Katharina Garcia   Petra Helzel   Petra Beck   Andrea Knecht