Laboratory and Chemistry Competence -
Our Know-How for Your Success


You are using a unique combination  of laboratory knowledge and industrial experience, sales competence, telemarketing and data management know-how for your success.

At a glance: What can you achieve in your markets with TDCLAB?

! Retaining customers ! Increasing the turnover ! Finding new customers ! Capturing new target groups ! Developing user-oriented products ! Strategically and successfully introducing new products in the right markets ! Developing and jointly implementing concepts for an optimum cooperation with your users 


Profound and competent, with a sound knowledge of industry and products, we are chemists and laboratory assistants who have been a proven partner for the labware and chemicals sector in new customer acquisition, market analysis and customer retaining by telephone for 10 years.


We talk to your future customers with competence and commitment!


  NEW ACQUISITION - Capturing your target group   

We identify the real decision-makers for your products on a comprehensive basis. This will help you to extend your sales activities broadly to the whole target group without any scatter loss, directly and reliably. We will secure you a sustainable attention on the market, and you will find that you will be present in the future and will be inquired for specific demands!  



  Optimum adress acquisition with TDCLAB   

Which target group is of interest? Where can the suitable and valid addresses be obtained for that?
We have a detailed experience in address acquisition and would like to support you. 

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  MARKET ANALYSES - The transparent target group   

To respond to market changes in a more efficient way in the future, we will find out the following for you, e.g.:


What is your general position on the market? What is your position compared to your competitors? What is your general position on the market? Are your products and services still in line with the market? What will the market demand in the future?



  PRODUCT MANAGEMENT - Market introduction  

To prevent new products from being held in the waiting loop in the hectic sales life, we facilitate an efficient and successful market introduction, find the right target groups, develop holistic concepts, identify key users, provide the required information for your sales force and so on … We will find out the best point to jointly ”apply the lever“.


Go the direct way with us to become up-to-date economically and quickly. Benefit from our laboratory experience and our market knowledge! Test our competent and appealing appearance for your success!



Last but not least: Ask our customers and their customers: There is no need to fear for your image – the opposite is true: Our activities are adopted very positively by the market, because they are customer-oriented and well dosed!

Just contact us – We will design the following based on your requirements and our experience:
  • a suitable individual approach for your success in the market!
  • a quicker and higher-selling introduciton of new products
  • an increase of your market shares and the entering into industries that have not been adressed previously by new customer aquisition
  • an increase ofyour presence for customers and interested companies
  • the representation of processes and current requirements in your markets (market analyses)