TDCLAB Dr. Kirsten Siebertz GmbH introduces itself


Management and Team

Dr. Kirsten Siebertz, founder and manager of TDCLAB, completed her doctorate in the field of metabolics at the Institute for Microbiology and Molecular Biology at the University of Greifswald as well as the FDA Institut National Center for Toxicological Research (NCTR) in Jefferson, AR. During that time, she was awarded scholarships by DECHEMA and DAAD. This was followed by a post-doc at the Institute for Microbiology and Molecular Biology at the University of Bonn as a scholarship holder of Humboldt Foundation and the subsequent assistance in research projects with company groups such as RWE. In the course of these activities, she was involved in the most varied fields of chemistry, dental chemistry, microbiology and molecular biology – with a strong focus on analytics.

Later, she achieved her competence in sales and marketing, when she worked for a globally active laboratory dealer. In 1998, she changed over to the area of CRM and telesales project management, introduced the customer data management system for laboratory dealers and established a telesales team within the sales team to ensure an intensive and economic support of small customers, specific introductions of new products and other projects. During her subsequent work for a CRM and telemarketing service provider, she successfully handled projects in both areas for renowned groups.


She is certified for project management, particularly for R&D management in the chemical industry (German Chemical Society GdCH), CRM project management, telemarketing and active telephone sale. Within her entrepreneurial activities since 2004, she successfully specialized in the planning and execution of specific market analyses, technology analyses, strategy developments for product and technology market introductions, and so on. She performed product management activities for numerous companies. Time and again, she is a sought-after contact person for questions where expert competence, a sound understanding of the market, broad contacts to relevant partners related to various contents in the market and a distinct strategic, analytical know-how and conceptual approach are relevant.

At the same time, the focus on chemical, analytical, molecular-biological topics is constantly present. The know-how described above is an ideal prerequisite for innovation management, the profound evaluation of technologies, the support and success-oriented control of research and development activities and finally the successful marketing of these technologies.