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More than 30 customers in the labware sector, other companies in the relevant fields as well as IP management partners have placed their trust in us und use our activities for their own success.


Please contact us and we will put you in touch with the right contact person for your individual requirements, who can report about his or her experience from a comparable project with us, meanwhile often based on a continuous cooperation of several years. Almost all our clients have become regular customers.


Our more than 30 customers include numerous market leaders as well as renowned companies and groups who secure and extend their good market position supported by our activities. However, they also include medium-sized companies offering good products, but not known yet in the entire market.


In the field of IP management, we closely cooperate with renowned suppliers of patents, technologies and products.



Customer testimonials


“The special competence for our customer groups is excellent.“


“We attach great importance to friendliness, competence and a committed behaviour on the telephone. Quality and competence are well combined.“


“TDCLAB provides us interested companies, direct new orders and the opportunity to give presentations to decision-making teams.”


“I am repeatedly impressed: I myself hardly give people the opportunity to speak on the telephone and you bring us hundreds of these open and interested acquisition talks …“


“The results of the test project were very good. And since the number of trade fair visitors is steadily decreasing, we will invest part of our trade fair budget into your activities in the future.”


“The monthly market report and the competition analysis are very helpful.“


“Our benefit also consists in the time planning for new acquisitions, which is independent of the daily business.“


“I can say that I am thoroughly satisfied and will continue our cooperation next year.“


“After your project results, I was able for the first time to truly support telemarketing. We will get back to you.”


“At the beginning, we were quite sceptical. But now we can see: The results are really good.”


“Now we can make the profound decision to invest one million euros in the product development for product X. Mrs. Siebertz, you are good, really good!“


“We wanted to have an advance look at the market needs to avoid developments that were not in line with the market; retrospectively, our success spoke for itself: We had made the right decision.“


“Before we invested great sums in buying the new technology, we wanted to know more about the applications of the technology in the industry, about competitors and our future opportunities. Purchased studies were meaningless, but here an analysis was submitted that was based on expert competence and true market proximity.”



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