TDCLAB Dr. Siebertz GmbH
introduces itself
Management and Team

Dr. rer. nat. Kirsten Siebertz, 

founder and Manager of TDCLAB Dr. Siebertz GmbH


Studies of chemistry, doctorate in analytics and microbiology (University of Greifswald and FDA Institute in Jefferson, AR, US), several years of R&E activities at universities and in industrial projects


Competence in sales, marketing and project management for scientific industry sectors, especially in the field of laboratory equipment, chemistry, polymers, lacquers, adhesives, biotech and life science.


Since 2004: TDCLAB as own company

Handling of projects where technical expertise, a sound market understanding, extensive contacts to relevant contact persons with the most varied contents on the market and a distinct, analytical know-how and concept-oriented thinking are important.

Certified for project management, especially for R&E management in the chemical industry (GdCh), for CRM project management, for telemarketing, for active sale on the telephone. 
A consistent focus on chemical, analytical, molecular-biological topic areas is ensured. 

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Our team

  • Sciences-related vocational training as well as industry and laboratory experience
  • Pronounced communication skills
  • Long-term employment with TDCLAB

= Profound knowledge and experience for qualified, image-supporting, successful specialized telemarketing for the chemical, pharmaceutical and laboratory sectors and other scientific fields.