Capturing New Target Groups
Suitable Addresses are an Important Basis for Success

In our projects, we process and qualify the addresses that are requested or provided by the customer.


In many cases, we jointly identify the adequate target group for an intended activity.


In other cases, the strategic selection of target groups has already been made, but the corresponding addresses are not available. We are at your disposal to help you in acquiring the addresses. In the past years, we have observed and tested existing address sources. This resulted in a range of possibilities, which we would like to make available to you. 

We support you in finding, buying and recording the adequate addresses.


We cooperate with sources where the addresses can be purchased. Depending on the target group selection, we recommend one of these sources. If the target group is related to certain areas of work, etc., and not recorded as an industry sector by address suppliers, we have meanwhile established the in-house experience and instruments to compile the required information. We conduct the appropriate internet research, prepare the data for your use, and record printed address lists from different sources for their further electronic use, etc.


In our projects, we determine the relevant decision-maker and user for your laboratory products, etc., and add them to the address data.


Important: We attach great importance to data protection, which is taken into consideration in all our activities. This means that you and we are on the safe side.

We help you to find and reach your potential new customers!